Purchase of used machines



If you are a commercial consumer or a trade or sales partner you can present us your equipment by help of the form “Offer us a used machine” on the left side of the navigation bar.
To receive a detailed impression as base for a realistic proposal for our part, please note down as many technical details as possible. Especially actual pictures illustrating the shape of the equipment are very useful and quicken the process of making a proposal.

Our employee will check your offer as soon as possible and send you a non-binding proposal. This proposal already includes transportation costs to our refurbishing-centre.

Normally our forwarder picks up the equipment directly at your address.
If you have special reasons for organising the transport by yourself please let us know and it won’t be a problem.

The costs of transportation are paid by Kärcher-Used-Equipment.

We are willing to examine your equipment independently from the actual shape.

Generally equipment below an original price of 1000€ is not so interesting for us because the effort for refurbishing quickly gets higher than the fair value.

Because every product has specific characteristics like the year of manufacture, operating hours, signs of usage etc. we always draw up individual proposals.

Of course we will take a look at your equipment and try to find a possibility.

Please send us an e-mail to kue@de.kaercher.com
You can also contact Kärcher Used Equipment, by phone +49 (0) 7195/14-4560.