Questions about selling

How can I buy used equipment from Kärcher-Used-Equipment GmbH?
You can inform us about your interest on a used product by pressing the “request” button, filling out the corresponding form and then submitting the form.

What happens after I sent you my request?
An employee of the sales department will process your request and get in touch with you to clear the further details.

You can find the prices within the description of the equipment. They do not include VAT and costs of transportation.

How can I get further information about the refurbishing process?
You can get first information about the actual shape from the description of the equipment category.

At Kärcher-Used-Equipment, every used machine is reconditioned in a precisely defined process.
1) Incoming Inspection and definition of the subsequent condition category.
2) Machine is completely stripped down, cleaned thoroughly and every component checked in
    detail according to the manufacturer’s standards. Critical components are renewed as a matter
    of routine. The complete machine is professionally reconditioned in the process. All
    unserviceable parts are disposed of property in accordance with environmental aspects.
3) Machine is assembled, adjusted and tested for compliance with factory standards.
4) Final inspection.

For further questions do not hesitate to contact Mr. Wolf. E-Mail: m Tel.: +49 (0) 7195/14-4560

What are the costs of transportation?
The costs of transportation are calculated individually. For a first impression you can contact the sales person processing your order.

How can I pay?
Experience the kind of service you receive with a new machine. Leasing, full-service or any other services – you can advantage of the same options you are familiar with when buying a new machine. Contact us for advice and ask for a tailor-made quotation that suits your personal preferences

My favourite machine is not in your stock. What can I do?
If you didn’t find your prefered machine, do not hesitate to send us a non-binding request. Perhaps your machine gets already refurbished and is therefore not yet to find on our website. We will find a quick solution to every problem.