B 300 RI LPG
B 300 RI LPGB 300 RI LPGB 300 RI LPGB 300 RI LPG
Projekt no. 6601002203
Model B 300 RI LPG
Part no. 1.480-235.4
Production no. 10041
Working hours 5
Year of Construction 2017
Classifiication B

Accessory: two side brush


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Technical data

Theoretical area performance m²/h 16550
Practical area performance m²/h 12400
Working width, brush mm 1045
Working width two side brush mm 1755
Working width, vacuum mm 1440
Tank fresh/dirt water l 300/300
Waste container l 180
Max. speed km/h 12
Max. cleaning speed km/h 10
Water flow max. l/min 12
Brush rotation speed U/min 460
Brush contact pressure (max.) g/cm² 45
Motor rating D/LPG kW 25/39
Weight D/LPG kg 1750/1745
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2400x1540x1760
Economical in operation, robust in use, effective in cleaning: our ride-on combination machine B 300 R I LPG with side scrubbing deck shines with an area performance of up to 16,550 m²/h, which makes it the ideal choice for deep and maintenance cleaning of large surfaces. The side scrubbing deck – spring-mounted on the right side of the machine to prevent possible collision damage – has a generous working width of about 1,300 mm. It enables cleaning right up to walls and edges and together with the extra large roller brush, 300-litre water tank and excellent suction by the wide and curved squeegee, enables time-saving scrub vacuuming and sweeping in a single pass. The economical drive and generous tank size ensure long and uninterrupted operation, whilst features such as convenient high container emptying for waste disposal make it easier for the operator.